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Arkeologi & Historiebloggen handlar om arkeologi, pågående expeditioner och egna utgrävningar, nya upptäckter, kultur- och religionshistoria, antiken, myter, resor och kuriosa samt tidlös politik. Slutledningar och åsikter i inläggen är författarens egna.

Richard Holmgren är arkeolog med fokus på Mellanöstern, författare, föreläsare, illustratör och guide, är religiöst liberal och partipolitisk agnostiker som driver företaget ARCDOC Arkeologisk Dokumentation. Han är också stolt sambo med Virginia och husse till Milou.

2019 > 08

Skiing in the footsteps of the Dyatlov group - watch a preview of our upcoming documentary which came to form the basis of a new theory.

The documentary is currently in the making by the artist Fabrizio Luciani and Richard Holmgren, archaeologist and expedition member. 

Our 2019 Expedition to the Dyatlov pass had two main objectives. Firstly, we wanted to come as close as possible to the historical event by experiencing the Northern Urals during the exact same days/month of the year as the Dyatlov group – this on skis with a tent provided with a stove. 

Before getting to the position on the slope of Kholat Syakhl (Dead Mountain), likewise to the group in 1959, we sought to ski through the Auspiya valley in pristine snow with heavy equipment and to set up camps in the estimated positions of 1959. In experiencing the same preconditions and topography, we discovered unknown details along the trail that we think are crucial for the understanding of an enigmatic mystery and the unfolding events of February 1st, 1959.

Secondly - the reason we went to the region in early 2019 and the transition between January and February, was a homage to the events and the 60 year anniversary of the groups passing. The expeditions core members were Richard Holmgren and Andreas Liljegren from Linköping in Sweden and Ekaterina Zimina and Artem Domogirov from Yekaterinburg, Russia. 

We hope you will find the film preview interesting!
Richard & Fabrizio

In the YouTube series “Bedtime Stories”, the episode entitled “Return to Dead Mountain” (The Dyatlov Pass Incident - Part 3), depicts our expedition and new theory of 2019. is furthermore a gold mine for all interested in the Dyatlov Pass subject.

Fabrizio Luciani (FabroDesign)

Dyatlov Pass 2019




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