Our Dyatlov Pass expedition narrated by Bedtime Stories

Richard Holmgren and Andreas Liljegren, Dyatlov Pass 2019. Illustrations: courtesy of Bedtime Stories 2019.

The team behind the celebrated YouTube series “Bedtime Stories”, have a real passion for the unexplained. Their productions combine stunning illustrations with well researched and spellbinding narration. In their recent episode “Return to Dead Mountain” (The Dyatlov Pass Incident - Part 3), their video and Podcast depicts our expedition and new theory of 2019. Kudos to a great production team for presenting our effort in this thrilling manner - not the least for being cartoonized, which really felt awarding. 

See Bedtime Stories and “Return to Dead Mountain”

Skiing in the footsteps of the Dyatlov group - watch a preview of our upcoming documentary which came to form the basis of a new theory

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