Our Dyatlov Pass Expedition 2019 - back in Sweden

Richard Holmgren, Andreas Liljegren, Artem Domogirov, Ekaterina Zimina & Konstantin Keller

Dyatlov pass

Read about the results and experiences from our Swedish-Russian Dyatlov Pass Expedition of 2019. The aim was to ski and camp in the valleys around the legendary Dyatlov pass – in the trails of the devastating ski tour made by the Dyatlov group.

Our venture was set to experience the same time period of the 1959 team and to pitch the tent on the slopes of Kholat Syakhl, the first of February 2019, exactly 60 years after the incident. 

Click below for a summary of our expedition and a new thrilling theory to the 1959 case

Skiing in the footsteps of the Dyatlov group - watch a preview of our upcoming documentary which came to form the basis of a new theory

For the interested Swedish audience - click the link below for various media presentations in the wake of our 2019 expedition 

Dyatlov Expedition 2019 Gallery

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