In memory of Angelo Bartoli

Angelo Bartoli Angelo Bartoli

When the time comes to sum up ​​my own archaeological career, there are a few people that I will always be grateful to - persons that shaped my way to approach archaeology. You were one of these important persons Angelo. You made archaeology meaningful, educational and fun. You were not only an inspiration to the archaeologists themselves, but you gave all people a key to the world of the past.

You were always able to combine innovative science with the abilty to make archaeology alive and perhaps most important - you let everyone take part and made all feel like scientists. This strength of yours belongs to a very few.
Through the world of Antiquitates you did not only inspire the most experienced, but also the travellers that accompanied me to your sanctuary where archaeology was for real.

Angelo, thank you for all the persons that I had the pleasure to meet in and around your life. But most important your fantastic employees that worked along your side at Antiquitates. There you layed a base for one of the best oases of historical learning, inspiration and sheer enjoyment.

It is not just family, friends and enthusiasts of archaeology that lost a voice and an innovative man, but also the past cultures that reached us through you. Thank you so very much Angelo.
I always felt welcome and important in your company.



Angelo making Bronze Age perfume in 2007

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