Gregory Areshian 

in memoriam

Archaeologist Gregory Areshian has sadly left us
on August 2nd 2020, at the age of 71.


Dr. Areshian, you leave behind volumes of knowledge through your many engagements in archaeology and history. Recreating the past also requires a great deal of insight into cultural history and ethnology - a mastery that you likewise possessed. 

Your great authorship will gain generations to come - but you also knew how to captivate the listener, stimulate interest and convey complexity so that everyone could follow. You were a pedagogue in its truest sense where your teaching and wisdom did not only remain on the bookshelf, but was carried on with joy. Thus, it is really an understatement to express how greatly we will miss your unique ability of storytelling. In other words, we have not only lost one of the leading archaeologists in the field of the ancient Near East and the Caucasus region, but also a link to the past from where the ancient cultures spoke through a very reflective personality. 

Gregory, thank you so very much for giving and for listening. The time in the field at Zorats Karer with you and Dr. Ashot Philiposyan was a warm and rewarding experience in every sense possible.

/Richard, August 2020

Gregory Areshian, Ashot Philiposyan and Richard Holmgren during excavation at Zorats Karer in Armenia - summer of 2018.

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